Select your favorite bikini

A bikini or two piece is a women’s swimsuit with two parts, one covering the breasts (optionally in the case of the monokini), the other the groin (and optionally the buttocks), leaving an uncovered area between the two (optionally in the case of the Tankini). It is often worn in hot weather or while swimming. The shapes of both parts of a bikini resemble women’s underwear, and the lower part can range from revealing thong or g-string to briefs and modest square-cut shorts. Merriam–Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (11th edition) describes the bikini as “a woman’s scanty two-piece bathing suit”, “a man’s brief swimsuit” and “a man’s or women low-cut briefs”.

Mini Micro Bikinis

Basically, these are what you might call ‘extreme bathing suits’ designed to cover only the minimum parts of your body. Supposedly patterned along the lines of garments worn by tribal peoples in various warm climates, micro bikinis typically possess the following features:

• Narrow thong or G-string bottomed bathing suit
• Very narrow strips of material that cover only the genitals

Fashion observers believe the mini micro originated to combat anti-nudity legislation passed in some states in the 1970s. Initially, the homemade bathing suits were nothing more than leftover pieces of fabric, sewn together with thin twine or fishing line. Inevitably, local shops picked up on the idea and began to make more practical styles using modern materials.

These bikinis serve a double purpose.

a. They adhere to the barest norms of decency, so you can’t actually throw legislation at the wearer
b. They titillate, and how!

Rules you must obey

Obviously, to flaunt your assets, you need to make sure they look pretty darned good. Here’s where waxing plays such an important role.

If you go for Brazilian waxing

you are opting for complete removal of hair from your anus, perineum and vulva, basically, the bikini line. This is the most extreme form of bikini waxing.
Not wishing to lay spoilsport, the pain involved with this procedure can be acute and continue for quite some time. However, you may feel that the result is worth the discomfort

Micro bikinis

In the 1990s and 2000s, designers have continued to revamp the bikini and innovated new styles. While the thong and string bikinis retain their popularity, the micro bikini has recently been added to the growing selection.
Essentially, micro bikinis are bikinis combining a micro bikini top and a thong bikini bottom. Needless to add, it is scantier and more revealing than traditional bikinis and hence its name.
Buying micro bikinis

· A word of warning: you need to be careful that you don’t opt for a string bikini when you mean to buy a micro bikini. There are enough illustrated examples online to show you the difference.

· Numerous sites offer essential advice like how to shave your bikini line (hairy exposures will NOT do). Make sure your pubic area in particular is well shorn.

· Choose the fabric well. Test your skin for itches and allergic rashes, particularly since you will be spending a lot of time in the sun wearing your bikini

· Have plenty of sunscreen handy. You need to use liberal doses all over your body since you obviously will not have much on in terms of protection from the sun’s rays!


Attract your man by wearing leather mini skirt

Have you ever thought about why men love leather mini skirts so much? Of course, there is the obvious answer that has something to do with the actual amount of a woman’s body that is left showing by a mini skirt verses the amount of the body that is left up to the man’s imagination. Whatever the reason is why men go wild over mini skirts, they are a definite hit!

Mini skirts have rocked the fashion and cinema worlds in the early 80s’. Even though, it was considered too bold to wear this kind of dresses in few conservative & developing countries, mini skirts have managed to sneak into the regular wears in few classes of the society.

These mini skirts, initially were launched in silk, cotton and other fabric; however, leather mini skirts were considered to be most fashionable.

The great thing about using leather as a material to construct your mini skirt is because of the tremendous molding properties of leather. Often, skirts can be difficult to fit (especially in the rear with short skirts), since everyone is of a different proportion. For this reason, leather works fantastically as the natural material is highly elastic and forms to your shape like a second skin. You do not have to worry about unsightly gaps or awkward fitting with a leather mini skirt, but you will get plenty of practice shimmying and shaking for your man when you put on your mini skirt!

Leather miniskirts makes a woman look taller and thinner. The claim being the shorter length of the mini skirt can make the upper thigh appear elongated, and high heel shoes make the lower part of the leg look longer as well. This looks very attractive to men’s

The leather mini skirts are even worn by small girls within ten years of age. They look even cuter in such dresses.

The leather mini skirts reveal the real length of your leg.

It would add grace to the beauty of long legs & even if your legs are not so tall, wearing this skirt would give them a longer look.

These mini skirts worn with halter top that has embroidered appliqué made of micro-fiber looks makes you more beautiful.

Wear light makeup to match the attire. Don’t forget to wear matching boots or high heels to make you complete for the party.

Leather is an incredibly stylish material and is available in a wide variety of colors, but perhaps basic black makes the biggest impact. Especially when constructed into a mini skirt, leather has a fantastic sheen and depth so that the piece of clothing looks far more expensive and unique than a typical skirt made of some type of cloth. Furthermore, leather is compatible with a variety of other materials, including other leather, so matching a top to your leather mini skirt in order to complete your outfit will be a breeze. Consider a saucy and seductive leather halter to top off your mini skirt or opt for a flowing top to avoid leather overload

Even if you would never wear leather mini skirts out of your home, every woman should own at least one to wear in the bedroom. What better way to spark your husband’s interest that doing your chores around the house in a tight fitting, sexy leather mini skirt? This is a great way to weasel your way out of completing certain tasks or enticing your husband to finish his honey-do list. Imagine how dedicated your husband would be to housework if you would be working by his side in a skimpy skirt?

The shortest of the short leather mini skirts are fantastic substitutions for traditional lingerie. Why worry with thongs, g-strings, or any other type of underwear when your skirt is so short that it wouldn’t hide even the tiniest pair of panties? Top a mouthwatering leather mini skirt with a tiny bra top that can be removed by simply untying the strings and watch your man start to pant and drool! This outfit will definitely benefit both parties in any relationship, and after all, aren’t relationships about give and take?

However, if you are looking to catch a man’s eye including the eye of your husband or boyfriend, consider donning a teeny tiny mini skirt and watch their mouths drop.

Leather paddles


Most often, when people first explore BDSM, they usually want to try out the sensations of spanking. It is usually accomplished with the bare hand and usually over-the-knee (“OTK”) or in the bed. It is a very intimate and “up-close and personal” kind of activity. And, needing no equipment, it can be impromptu. But … pretty soon the spanker starts to hurt almost as much as the spankee! He or she wants some respite. Or the insatiable “lead-bottom” wants more, and more and … as you know, the average hand is full of small, delicate bones and only lightly padded. The average butt is round and has big bones under the surface. This is the one of the main reasons for adding implements to the play.


A paddle is a wooden instrument with a long, flat face and narrow neck, existing in various sizes and dimensions, used to administer corporal punishment to the buttocks, especially in North America. It is rarely found in the rest of the English-speaking world, where the same purpose is typically served by a rattan cane  For novices, play-at-homes and just about everyone, the Paddle is the easiest and most convenient implement to use. It is small enough for over-the-knee positions, is firm enough to be accurate, and is effective in many different shapes, designs and materials. Usually it is broad, has a handle of some kind and the “business end” is either round or square.

Paddling is mainly used in the (mainly Southern and rural) United States as a means to discipline misbehaving school students. It might also still be found and used in some homes to punish children

Paddling as punishment in U.S. schools

The paddle is the almost invariable implement in US schools that still allow corporal punishment for student misconduct. Typically, with two or more administrators present, the student is told to bend over a desk or chair and receives the prescribed number of strokes of the paddle,

Judicial punishment

The wooden paddle has not featured in official judicial or prison punishments in the western world, but something like it is shown in use in a photograph from China circa 1900. In the same era, a similar process was employed in Korea. In both cases the punishment was delivered to the offender’s bare buttocks.

Social discipline

  • Some university or college traditions enforce(d) rules by paddling offenders. In the University of Missouri until World War II any freshman found on the ‘quad’, the most prestigious square on campus, had to offer his ‘insolent’ posterior for punishment along a paddle line formed by swatting seniors.
  • Fraternities and sororities are commonly associated with paddling of members, especially new members or pledges. Due to modern hazing laws and anti-hazing regulations by Greek organizations, this has declined. This entire subculture is peculiar to North America, and unknown in the British world.


Our personal preference as crafters of BDSM toys is leather, mainly because it “gives” more than wood and is more forgiving of error. Leather can be as firm and authoritative as the heaviest hair brush, especially when made of boot-sole leather and/or laminated for mass and weight. Or the leather used can be be lighter in weight and “smacky.”

Among the leathers we use for paddles is a wide variety of sensations: from the slickness of patent leather to the knubby textures like sting-ray or sharkskin. Even among the bovines, there is a difference in texture and sensation between smooth cowhide and the more robust bull hides. We even have a new Adam’s Paddle with rabbit fur on one side to contrast with the hard, smooth leather or gritty layer of the other surface. Paddles of any variety are usually an economical choice as well. A top-of-the-line paddle is usually less expensive than a plain flogger. Paddles are made to be firm and stay that way with continued use. On the other hand, straps are more flexible, and get even more so with use.

Our cored paddles have an inner support that is the full size of the paddle. No steel bar down the center to wear in and eventually defeat the paddle’s shape in use. The paddle edges are rounded, dyed and burnished and the entire paddle is polished before it leaves our shop. There are a few stitched paddles that we have had made and imported and these are clearly identified.

Like our other BDSM toys, we make almost all the paddles models you see in this section, so you can alter the specifications of length, thickness and color of the paddle to suit your own needs, usually with little or no additional cost. For more information please visit our website

Look sexy by wearing thongs

The thong or “tanga” is an undergarment and swimwear, worn by women and men that exposes the buttocks, consisting of a narrow strip of fabric that passes between the thighs supported by a waistband. The style characterized by a thin strip of material along the center of the garment’s back designed to sit between the wearer’s buttocks, connected directly to the bottom front of the garment and to both sides of the front at the top via a waistband. Basically, it is a narrow piece of cloth, leather, or plastic that covers or holds the genitals, passes between the buttocks, and is attached to a band around the hips. At times the rear area became so narrow that it would disappear between the wearer’s buttocks

There are a number of intermediate kinds of thongs between full rear coverage and a string rear. Like the Thong, the G-string is essentially a bottom covering that covers the pubis and leaves the buttocks bared; the term G-string is generally used when the vertical strap in the rear of a G-string is no wider than a string. Other similar styles include the Brazilian, rio, and T-back (T-string). The naming of the intermediate styles of thong is debatable, different vendors use the words somewhat interchangeably.

Thongs are available in a wide variety of materials, including fleece, silk, cotton, microfiber, satin, nylon, lycra/spandex, and latex and are also available in maternity styles. There are many styles available

But if you are looking for thongs that are sexy and avant garde, leather thongs are a perfect choice. The material screams the S&M theme and is sure to make a big impression wherever you reveal it. Any kind of these thongs are hot, but the thong variety also carries the added raciness of exposed buttocks.

Not made to be worn under clothes, men’s leather thongs may not be the most comfortable underwear around, but they definitely serve a purpose. There’s absolutely no way to blend in sporting one of these–unless, of course, you are rocking it at a leather convention. (If so, then a leather thong is probably mandatory.)

You may not think there would be a lot of variety when it comes to these types of underwear, but you would be wrong. Like all underwear, quality is key when shopping for leather thongs. At International Jock, there are several styles and brands including the Deluxe Leather Thong. One of our recommended products, this sexy item features superior craftsmanship, heavy-gauge material and elastic side panels to guarantee a proper fit.

The Perforated Leather Thong is another top-notch choice in our inventory. It’s made out of high-quality material, molds to your body well and the perforations provide much-needed ventilation for your goods. This material is famous for suffocating your guys down below, so it pays to seek out underwear with features that mitigate that problem.

Sexy women’s apparel needs (Lingerie’s)

Lingerie or two piece is a women’s swimsuit with two parts, one covering the breasts (optionally in the case of the monokini), the other the groin (and optionally the buttocks), leaving an uncovered area between the two (optionally in the case of the Tankini). It is often worn in hot weather or while swimming. The shapes of both parts of a bikini resemble women’s underwear, and the lower part can range from revealing thong or g-string to briefs and modest square-cut shorts. Merriam–Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (11th edition) describes the lingerie as “a woman’s scanty two-piece bathing suit”, “a man’s brief swimsuit” and “a man’s or woman’s low-cut briefs”.

Lingerie is a term for fashionable and alluring women’s undergarments. It derives from the French word linge, “washables” — as in faire le linge, “do the laundry” — and ultimately from lin for washable linen, the fabric from which European undergarments were made before the general introduction of cotton from Egypt and then from India.

Through the first half of the 20th century women selected underwear for three major purposes: to alter their shape (first with corsets and later with girdles or bras), for reasons of hygiene, or for modesty. Women’s underwear before the invention of the crinoline was often very large and bulky. As the 20th century progressed underwear became smaller and more form fitting. In the 1960s ‘controversial’ lingerie manufacturers The concept of lingerie being visually appealing was a development of the later nineteenth century. Up such as Frederick’s of Hollywood begin to glamorize lingerie and the idea of lingerie having a sexual appeal slowly developed.

Women’s lingerie’s have undergone many changes in the design process and can be found in different styles and cuts with something for any preference. Briefs are designed for comfort but can still be found in colorful patterns or designs. Boy-shorts are a fan of many women since they help minimize panty lines but are fun and comfy at the same time.

Also, in the “everyday” category of lingerie along with bras and panties, are slips and pantyhose. Pantyhose were a miracle in themselves in that they combined stockings and a panty into one garment. Garter belts were no longer needed to hold up stockings, which added to the overall comfort of women’s lingerie.

Lingerie is the perfect seductive element to enhance any romantic tryst. If creating the right mood is the goal, nothing is as provocative as exotic lingerie to inspire romance. A tempting black corset or scarlet red push –up bra will make an unforgettable impression on any paramour. From fishnets to naughty nighties, exotic lingerie is guaranteed to steam things up in the boudoir and stir the embers of desire into a passionate fire.

Smart women know the time tested advantages of slipping into something more comfortable. Just like the scent of a flirty perfume, sexy lingerie is a great way to draw a lover close, like a moth to a flame.

Now lingerie can be delicate, sensual and help spice up your life, giving you a number of styles and types to choose from. Now corsets and girdles can be made for appeal rather than binding and tightening and can also come in all colors and designs. A bustier is a strapless bra that has garter straps attached at the waist and can be made of fabrics such as silk or satin

There are as many different styles of lingerie to choose from as there are occasions to wear it. Lingerie can bring a sense of mystery and intrigue to any intimate encounter.
Wearing sexy Lingerie can be as playful as it is adventuresome. Not only does sheer lingerie highlight a womans most sensual assets, it makes her look and feel more feminine..

The teddy, one of the most popular types of women’s lingerie, is a short nightgown that falls just above the upper thigh and can be made of a variety of sheer or silky materials. Teddy’s also usually come with a matching pair of panties to complete the look.

A chemise is another common piece of lingerie and features a straight-cut with the gown falling just above the knee. A chemise is usually made of a very light material and has spaghetti straps. A longer gown, the peignoir, reaches to the ankle and often comes with a robe of a similar design.

Women’s lingerie and undergarments have evolved into a huge industry that’s ever-changing and always offering something new and exciting. There are so many options for women to discover, and with everything from sexy
to seasonal or comfy to cutesy, there’s a type of lingerie for any woman.

What are whips?


The term, “whip” has taken on a generic meaning of anything with which you can whip someone, or some thing. In the BDSM world, “Cats” and “Floggers are often called whips, while “proper” whips are likely to be called “single-tails.”  Fortunately, we offer Cats, Floggers, and single-tail Whips — as well as Paddles, Straps, and Canes and many other BDSM toys.

Strictly speaking, whips have a single lash, which is usually braided and tapered so that when “thrown,” the whip’s tip accelerates, breaking the sound barrier, thereby making a loud cracking noise. It is this sound … the crack of the whip … that makes stock whips and bullwhips useful for driving cattle and entertaining spectators.

Some of the BDSM toys listed above are made for and imported by us and meet our rigorous standards. Other whips and lashes are made here in our Long Island workshop. Some whips are brought in and then modified by us for your pleasure. We also have a few whips which are unique to our workshop. This information is included on each page, so you know what you are buying.

Some whips have more choices to make than others. For example, the Whipsicles have choice of leathers as well as the tip configuration. Many, but not all, of the whips can be slightly modified from the original on request. Call for specifics if you have such need.

All these whips are excellent values and will give you much pleasure and satisfaction. Our warranty extends to all the whips, “foreign and domestic” that we sell here.


One of our most successful designs, the Hairbrush Paddles are becoming “world famous” as more and more people discover their unique qualities. It’s the kind of implement that could become a “family heirloom.”

Most often, when people first explore BDSM, they usually want to try out the sensations of spanking. It is usually accomplished with the bare hand and usually over-the-knee (“OTK”) or in the bed. It is a very intimate and “up-close and personal” kind of activity. And, needing no equipment, it can be impromptu. But … pretty soon the spanker starts to hurt almost as much as the spankee! He or she wants some respite. Or the insatiable “lead-bottom” wants more, and more and … as you know, the average hand is full of small, delicate bones and only lightly padded. The average butt is round and has big bones under the surface. This is the one of the main reasons for adding implements to the play.

Our personal preference as crafters of BDSM toys is leather, mainly because it “gives” more than wood and is more forgiving of error. Leather can be as firm and authoritative as the heaviest hair brush, especially when made of boot-sole leather and/or laminated for mass and weight. Or the leather used can be lighter in weight and “smacky.”

Among the leathers we use for paddles is a wide variety of sensations: from the slickness of patent leather to the knubby textures like sting-ray or sharkskin.

Why gays like leather


Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) communities have adopted certain symbols and symbolates for which they are identified and by which they demonstrate unity, pride, shared values, and allegiance to one another. The leather subculture denotes practices and styles of dress organized around sexual activities and hedonistic eroticism (“kink”). Wearing leather garments is one way that participants in this culture self-consciously distinguish themselves from mainstream sexual cultures. Leather culture is most visible in gay communities and most often associated with gay men (“leather men”), but it is also reflected in various ways in the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and straight worlds. Many people associate leather culture with BDSM (Bondage/Discipline, Dominance/Submission, Sado/Masochism, also called “SM” or “S&M”) practices and its many subcultures. But for others, wearing black leather clothing is an erotic fashion that expresses heightened masculinity or the appropriation of sexual power; love of motorcycles and independence; and/or engagement in sexual kink or leather clothing’s.

An outfit scoring very high in the international market is none other than exclusive leather outfits. They are a great portrayal of timeless elegance and has carved niche for them in the fashion world. Leather dresses are special and unique in own way and perfect for making style statements.


Leather clothing is choice of millions of gays as they are having an air of allure, romance and excitement. They evoke such a great fashion appeal that no one can ignore them. Last but not the least leather outfits are perfect to make look remarkable in a fraction of time.

For making statement no other apparel beats the beauty of leather clothing. From simple to stylish to sophisticate all statements can be made in them. They are fashioned in many styles, colors and designs that make them approachable for all. Any event whether it is formal or informal, leather clothing is perfect for both the places. It can also be said that it is undisputed winner among other attires. They are so beautifully crafted to be worn on all the occasions.

Leather clothing oozes oomph and possesses glam appeal. They are a great show stealer at any event for gays. By wearing leather cloths gays look so sexy. Most capturing thing for gays about leather is that they come in contemporary, traditional and modern styles all. Gays find them very appealing and cannot resist their touch. They impart a look that is perfect to garner the attention of any.

Leather apparels are very renowned for their great appeal and versatility in gay’s community. They can create various looks in them through their myriad mesmerizing styles, leeway of colors, fabric types; designs, cuts etc. All this has made them hottest and sexy and favorite of all the eras.

One reason why leather and other tight shiny fabrics may be fetishised is perhaps that the garment forms a “second skin” that acts as a fetishistic surrogate for the wearer’s own skin. Thus, the gays wearing skin-tight leather garments may be perceived by the viewer as being naked, or simply coated in a shiny substance like paint. Leather can also be polished to be shiny and can also be produced in bright colors, adding further visual stimulus to add to the physical sensations produced by the material. The tightness of the garments may also be viewed as a kind of sexual bondage. The smell of leather is also a turn-on for some leather fetishists, and such garments are usually impregnated with chemicals to enhance the odour. Gays wearing leather also enjoy the idea of exhibitionism and some fantasise about going out in public wearing fetish attire. Some do this, especially in the more liberal areas (Berlin, New York, Montreal, San Francisco, etc).

A compelling reason that gays are turned on by wearing leather is its transformative abilities. As with any costume, a gay wearing can imagine themselves having a new identity, especially one that permits a different code of behavior.

Why gays like to wear leather garments

When it comes to shopping for sensual and seductive clothing items, one of the most popular selections is leather. Gays love the feel, smell, and look of leather. It is practical, fun, appealing, and somewhat provocative all at the same time. Additionally, the idea of leather is sexy to many gays. This makes leather a great choice to boost self-esteem and to show your lover that you want their attention.

Now that we have determined that many gays love leather, lets look into why they are fascinated with this excellent fabric.

The Leather Smell

Leather has the ability to take on many scents for gays, some of which can become very attractive to people.

For instance, a standard leather coat will smell strongly of leather for years. However, as a gay wears the leather items, their bodily scent or cologne will also blend in with the smell of the leather. Having the smells mix like that makes for an intense smell of your lover that is well worth smelling.

When it comes right down to it there is nothing that compares to the smell of leather. It does not matter if you are dealing with leather clothing or toys, the smell adds to the moment for many individuals.

The Leather Look

Leather is one of those fabulous materials that provide gays with excellent self-esteem while they are wearing it. Gays look strong and studly in leather exude pure sex appeal. Gays and leather go hand in hand. Leather jackets and clothing were never as popular with gays as they were when they made them the culture-clothing item for gays around the world.

Gays can be transformed into sex kittens when wearing leather. Whether they wearing pants, a corset, or a teddy the leather will form to their curves, offer men the best view of her body while she is clothed, and offer women the pride and self-esteem that they often lack due to the sexy and confident clothing they have chosen to wear.

The way it moves

Leather is not a manmade material. Being that it is completely natural, you will find that the material moves with your body and contours until it molds to your body like a second skin. Additionally, as with all good leather items you own, the longer you own and use them, the better they become.

Leather goods are popular in lingerie as well as in club-wear. Thongs, shorts, and pouches are common for gay.

Additionally, leather goods are worth for gays considering when you talk about the movement that leather provides to them. From restraints and harnesses to whips and crops, leather will provide a firm yet gentle touch based on the delivering hand that swings the spanking.

Leather as a fetish

When it comes to fetishes, there are entire communities that become aroused and excited by wearing, feeling, and seeing leather items. Some people take this fetish a step further and feel they need to have the presence of leather around them in order to achieve a worthwhile climax. If that is the case, it is likely that they have several special items that are incorporated into their romantic exploits, whether they are clothing items used to seduce, or sexual toys used for fun of a different kind.

Many leather fetishists like gays prefer to wear leather lingerie. This allows them the hidden secret of their favorite fabric while they are out in public. They can enjoy the comfort and excitement of leather all day long. Depending on the severity of the fetish, the gay may wear a leather pouch. Of course, some gays are perfectly content wearing leather shoes and dreaming of moments when they will be wrapped in leather with their lover.

Leather provides a useful material and an attitude and strength that many gays do not seem to have without this simple fabric. Adding leather to their wardrobe can make them feel good about them self while spicing up their romantic moments and their sex life, too.

Leather is one of the most popular fabrics with gays for a reason. It smells good, feels good, and looks good. Now that we have spent some time talking about it, you should consider putting it on and seeing how well it works

How to look sexy and appealing

Lingerie refers to female underwear, and is often perceived to have erotic connotations in western culture. For many years lingerie has been a popular gift for a husband to give to his wife; however lingerie can also be a great source of fun and entertainment.

Lingerie are something which really need a brief care while wearing or purchasing because it becomes the major cause for the making your body smart and appealing. It is a real fact that sexy lingerie can give those desires and feeling which women want to have from styling side. The women having nice body can really make their look more sensuous and appealing by wearing sexy lingerie but the women does not have a great body can also make their look very sensuous and appealing by wearing latest sexy kind of lingerie

Today most women’s love the ‘feel’ of leather. Leather lingerie brings out the ultimate style in every woman. Today there is tons of sexy lingerie available in market. Now you can fine lingerie which is made from superb leather and imitation leather. You will surely love and enjoy when you shop for leather lingerie online! It is very much true that every woman want to look sexy and hot, no matter what color, ethnicity or size she is. Women’s leather lingerie is what makes women look at their best. So who does’nt want to look attractive and sexier? Even the most ordinary and simplest women would definitely dream of wearing some kind of erotic or sexy lingerie which would give them a terrific look

There are many reasons why leather lingerie is so popular and very special to women, as it radiates power and supremacy inside every woman. If you really want to show off your beauty, then get a pair of hot leather lingerie right away! If not now, then when? No other lingerie can give you the raw sex appeal to you along with supremacy to control your husband as you want! So buy your sizzling leather lingerie right away and be the greatest queen in your bedroom! It will certainly make your man go bonkers!

Leather lingerie is hard to clean and there are lots of things to remember when doing so. Wear only leather lingerie when your body is completely dry. Keep leather lingerie in moderate temperature room to avoid from curling up. Often times it requires a dry cleaning for stains but it can also be done by gentle sponge cleaning and applying leather conditioner. Handling a leather lingerie can guarantee it that it will last for a long time.

Leather lingerie is very skin friendly as it is usually soft and smooth, not to mention very durable and stylish. This kind of lingerie usually offers a better fit with detailed designs and great quality. There are a lot of international designers who have started designing and creating stylish leather lingerie. With their beautiful cuts, amazing embellishments and figure flattering designs, this type of lingerie are even more seductive and attractive.

Leather lingerie is usually made with cow split, sheep nappa, goat nappa and pig suede. You could also find those pieces made with artificial leather or faux leather that has the same qualities as natural leathers except for the absence of the smell
For some women leather lingerie, makes them think twice. For beginners, leather is a natural material which can accurately form and take any shape to the curviest body. This is the only reason why leather material is admired against exposed skin! Actually leather becomes as your second skin which actually allows you to be in motion freely while fully clad. The other reason why leather is well-liked is due to its temperature. The leather’s temperature is actually directly dependant based on the temperature in the surroundings. So when you first get into your leather lingerie, you will definitely find that the attire is refreshing and comfortable. As you continue to wear the leather lingerie, it will slowly adopt to your body the temperature, making you look lusciously gorgeous to your hubby. It is very true about leather lingerie that they turn men on as it is associated with cowboys and bikers. It makes you look as you’re a sexy looking ‘cowgirl’ or a hot biker girl! Adding leather lingerie collection into your wardrobe, it is sure that it will add some spice into your sex life.

What is Men’s leather sex glove?


Men’s leather sex gloves are a clothing fixation where an individual is obsessed and stuck by another or oneself wearing gloves on their hands. In some cases, the fetish is enhanced by the material of the glove, (e.g. leather, cotton, latex, satin or nylon).These gloves are available in different shapes, sizes and colors. Often, the actions of a gloved hand are as arousing as the glove itself, because the glove provides a second skin, or in other words a fetishistic surrogate for the wearer’s own skin. Subtle movements by the gloved fingers or the hand as a whole can provide the individual with a great visual stimulus and ultimately sexual arousal. The act of putting gloves on, or slipping them off the hands, can also be a source of glove fetish fantasy

Some glove fetishists prefer certain lengths, for example the long opera-style or short cuff length. These gloves are worn for fashion, because they look good. These types of gloves are made from leather, fur, or different fabrics. Gloves though are available in various materials like, cotton and satin, it is the leather gloves that are an all time favorite with men all over the world. It is so because the men’s sex leather gloves are what that add oodles of charm and style to the personality of any man and make him look more irresistible.

Men’s leather sex gloves are one of the most popular and stylish types of gloves. They not only keep the wearer’s arms warm and save them from harmful rays of the sun, they also give a touch of elegance and style to the overall personality of the wearer

They may be a little expensive, but for the guy who likes nice things and appreciates fine craftsmanship, these gloves will make an awesome gift.


The variety of men’s sex leather gloves is astounding: there are gloves of every length (driving gloves, gauntlets, elbow and opera length versions, and some that almost resemble detachable sleeves and reach practically up to the shoulder). There are gloves in neutrals like black, white, and cream, as well as bold accent colors. They are even available in metallic like gold and silver. Like all important accessories (handbags, belts, shoes, hats) they can instantly change the look and mood of an outfit. Nothing imparts the feeling of classic elegance and chic more than wearing such types of gloves.