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What are whips?


The term, “whip” has taken on a generic meaning of anything with which you can whip someone, or some thing. In the BDSM world, “Cats” and “Floggers are often called whips, while “proper” whips are likely to be called “single-tails.”  Fortunately, we offer Cats, Floggers, and single-tail Whips — as well as Paddles, Straps, and Canes and many other BDSM toys.

Strictly speaking, whips have a single lash, which is usually braided and tapered so that when “thrown,” the whip’s tip accelerates, breaking the sound barrier, thereby making a loud cracking noise. It is this sound … the crack of the whip … that makes stock whips and bullwhips useful for driving cattle and entertaining spectators.

Some of the BDSM toys listed above are made for and imported by us and meet our rigorous standards. Other whips and lashes are made here in our Long Island workshop. Some whips are brought in and then modified by us for your pleasure. We also have a few whips which are unique to our workshop. This information is included on each page, so you know what you are buying.

Some whips have more choices to make than others. For example, the Whipsicles have choice of leathers as well as the tip configuration. Many, but not all, of the whips can be slightly modified from the original on request. Call for specifics if you have such need.

All these whips are excellent values and will give you much pleasure and satisfaction. Our warranty extends to all the whips, “foreign and domestic” that we sell here.


One of our most successful designs, the Hairbrush Paddles are becoming “world famous” as more and more people discover their unique qualities. It’s the kind of implement that could become a “family heirloom.”

Most often, when people first explore BDSM, they usually want to try out the sensations of spanking. It is usually accomplished with the bare hand and usually over-the-knee (“OTK”) or in the bed. It is a very intimate and “up-close and personal” kind of activity. And, needing no equipment, it can be impromptu. But … pretty soon the spanker starts to hurt almost as much as the spankee! He or she wants some respite. Or the insatiable “lead-bottom” wants more, and more and … as you know, the average hand is full of small, delicate bones and only lightly padded. The average butt is round and has big bones under the surface. This is the one of the main reasons for adding implements to the play.

Our personal preference as crafters of BDSM toys is leather, mainly because it “gives” more than wood and is more forgiving of error. Leather can be as firm and authoritative as the heaviest hair brush, especially when made of boot-sole leather and/or laminated for mass and weight. Or the leather used can be lighter in weight and “smacky.”

Among the leathers we use for paddles is a wide variety of sensations: from the slickness of patent leather to the knubby textures like sting-ray or sharkskin.